Winner of NARI's Contractor of the Year 2019

Residential Addition Under $250,000


Your home remodel deserves more than cheap materials slapped together as fast as possible. That’s why we’re not competing at the bottom of the barrel or offering bargain bin prices.

We understand that true satisfaction depends on results. And powerful results that delight our clients is the focus of our business.

Hartel Homes BBB Business Review

Austin's #1 home remodeling company

Ever pay for a cheap product and have it fall apart after just a few uses? It’s like a dollar store item parading as heavy-duty – it’s just not going to last.

Unfortunately, all too many contractors can give you the same kind of experience. Too often, builders take advantage of inexperienced homeowners and underbid, cut corners, or straight up disappear with their money.

Choosing a respected company with a solid reputation by and large guarantees a good experience for your home remodel. And Hartel Homes has trained under experts, won crucial projects to gain the right experience and come out on top as National Association of Remodeling NARI Contractor of the Year Award for Best Home Addition Under $250k.

Whether you’re looking to add a bonus room to your house or start a full renovation, we’ve got you covered. Other services we offer include:

  • Kitchen/Bathroom Transformations
  • Updating your home’s design
  • Changing layout including removing or adding walls
  • Adding new spaces
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Update HVAC, electrical or plumbing
  • Increase home value before selling
  • And more…

Your remodeling results depend entirely on who you choose to work with. Irresponsible or inexperienced contractors can surpass your budget and leave you with a half finished mess. Or they can delay the project so long, your hair turns white before you can enjoy it.

Forget the shady contractor who’s just out to get the sale or the newbie who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

At Hartel Homes, we use a unique approach to remodeling that offers benefits that traditional construction companies don’t. Here’s how we’re changing the face of home remodeling for the better – and what it means for you.


Speak With Hartel Homes


You choose the neighborhood and we'll work with you on design and finishes that fits your lifestyle.


We'll handle the entire project; site work, permits, inspections, landscaping, and more. We’ll keep you updated with pictures and status updates.


Over the years we've built processes and procedures that ensure each project if delivered on time and on budget.

Hartel Homes is giving back to our veteran community by completing a free bathroom remodel for a veteran in need. Do you know of a deserving veteran? 

So rare to work with a group that genuinely cares about your overall experience as well as the fine details of the finished product. The prices were great…but the experience put it over the top.



Save Time and Money with Home Remodeling Contracts that Make Sense

You wouldn’t ask construction workers to start building without a solid plan to follow, right? Before you know it, the tiles for the bathroom are getting slapped onto the wall in the kitchen.

Typically, traditional construction methods require two separate contracts – one with designers and another with builders. Under that model, miscommunication often leads to time delays or going over budgets.

But don’t worry – Hartel Homes has your back
Under our design-build model, designers and contractors collaborate openly throughout the entire process. From the very first vision to overall budgeting to finally building – everyone is on the same page. Our unique full service construction offers other benefits too.

Complete Your Project Faster

The design and build team streamlines communication to prevent construction delays right from the beginning. That means your project will face fewer surprises, spend less time waiting on change orders and finish on time.

Minimize the Stress of Building

Living in a construction zone is bad enough – you don’t need to deal with everything else too. Whether it’s a schedule conflict, budget concern or getting the right permits – leave the heavy lifting to us.

Save on Overall Costs

Everyone knows that time is money – and that’s never more accurate than when it comes to construction. The unique opportunity of design-build makes it more likely your project stays on budget because it’s completed faster.

Enjoy Quality Results

Good materials aren’t the only things that matter – it’s how builders put them together too. You don’t want warped floor boards or crooked wall tiles because someone cut corners. With Hartel Homes, you won’t have to worry about that.

Imagine, Design and Build with Hartel Homes’ Proven Expertise

When you choose Hartel Homes, you’re not just choosing a construction company that’s innovative, cost-effective and easy to work with. You’re choosing peace of mind, a streamlined process and results that you can rely on for years to come.
None of our clients have ever needed a job reworked – because we do the job right the first time. In fact, we’re so sure about our expertise, we even offer a 1 year workmanship warranty on all jobs performed.
In the end, you won’t find a better balance between what you imagine and what you actually get than with Hartel Homes. So start envisioning your remodel today and let us guide you through the rest.