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Austin's #1 remodeling company

If your current home feels outdated or lacks the space that your family needs, a full-home renovation can offer several options that will allow you to update and modify your home to make it fit your lifestyle and vision. Although, a full-home renovation can feel like an overwhelming venture, it is one that will improve your quality of life on a daily basis.

With a full-home renovation, you can:
Change your home's current layout by removing walls or switching the location of different spaces
Update your home's design to match your style preferences
Add new spaces like a guest bedroom, home office, playroom, or gym
Create space for aging loved ones using universal design elements like non-slip flooring and barrier-free showers
Improve your home's efficiency by adding energy-efficient upgrades like solar panels, foam insulation, or a smart thermostat
Upgrade your home's electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems
Restore your home's historical features
Enhance your home's curb appeal
Prepare your home for hosting guests during the holidays
Make your home more appealing to potential buyers

There are endless reasons to renovate your Austin home. Not only is it a great investment, but it will allow you to live your best life in the home of your dreams!

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What is Design-Build?

Design-Build is a full-service construction method where a design-build firm performs both design and construction under one contract. Unlike with the traditional construction method, the designer and contractor are working on the same team allowing for high levels of collaboration and unified recommendations.

With the traditional method, the client has to manage two separate contracts, one for design and one for construction. This can cause several issues throughout the process since the designer and contractor are not working on the same team. If there is a disagreement or lack of communication between the two teams, your project could end up being delayed or going over budget.

With the design-build method, you will have a dedicated team that will brainstorm and collaborate together to create a beautiful home that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

The design-build method offers many benefits including:

Faster Project Delivery

With the design-build construction method, projects are able to be delivered faster because there are typically less change orders that can lead to unforeseen schedule delays. Additionally, the design and construction happen simultaneously and there is only one selection phase instead of two. Together, the designer and contractor can ensure that your home is completed on-time and on-budget no matter what issues may arise.

Smoother Process

The design-build method is a fairly smooth process thanks to the open collaboration between the designer and contractor. Because everyone is working under one contract, there won’t be any conflicting recommendations or scheduling issues.

Reduced Construction Costs

You can actually end up saving money by choosing a design-builder because of their efficiency. With your designer and contractor working side-by-side, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of time it will take to complete construction which will lower your construction costs.

Higher Quality Results

The design-build method provides higher quality results because of the team-oriented approach. With your designer and contractor working together from start to finish, they are able to better align your vision with your project’s goals.